Cultural Groups       Since 1993 we had a lot of experiences in organizing the  special cultural programs with a deep study of Russian history and culture in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novgorod and in the cities of GOLD RING – Vladimir, Susdal,  Rostov the Great, Yaroslavl  and others. The guests stayed at the best hotels in these cities and had a unique opportunity to penetrate in the atmosphere of Old Russia with its turbulent history and  to understand better all the  events that influenced the developing of Russian State. The acquaintance with the  spiritual life of Russians, visit of their temples and listening to the divine choirs of Russian Church enlightens a bit more the understanding of the mysterious Russian Soul.  If you want to feel Russian a bit, we can help you.       The  main goal of the culture tourism, as a rule, is concerned with  a country or region’s culture, especially its arts.  Cultural tourism includes the tourism in urban areas and we can offer a great choice of opportunities based on the possibilities of such cities as Moscow and St. Petersburg – worldwide recognized as cultural and artistic centers of Russia.  We organize not only the traditional visits to the museums like the Hermitage, Tretiakov Gallery etc. We  practice the specialized visits to the  museum in consideration of the particular interests of our clients, we organize the meetings with the museums collaborators, lectures and conferences on  Russian art and culture. We do not only visit the theatre performances, but organize the visits to the Mariinsky   and other theatres to show the process of the creating the performance.       Visiting the cities of the Gold Ring one immerses in the depth of Russian history, in the atmosphere of Russian  orthodoxy, in the world of Russian icon paintings… We  are organizing also the cultural trips presenting the culture of other people – the mysterious and legendary Uzbekistan, the medieval and modern art of Baltic states… Just   say what you would like to learn and we shall do our best to satisfy you. Copyright © 2009 Euroest Travel. All rights reserved.